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Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for Slimming, Beauty & Wellness

Welcome to Xi Slim & Beauty Centre

Xi Slim & Beauty is a TCM aesthetics establishment which adopts TCM methods in slimming & beauty therapy.       Using integrated & personalized slimming care plans, TCM therapy emphasize on the balancing and regulation of our body to achieve slimming and beauty effect, rather than deliberate dieting which can potentially have adverse effect on ones health

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Consultation & Observation

Our physicians will assess your health by analysing your external symptoms to determine the presence of internal problems. A TCM physician differentiates the root causes of obesity and skin problems by applying the following methods of observation, smelling & listening, questioning and pulse taking.

Customised Treatment Plan

Our physician will apply of TCM principles to differentiate the disharmony pattern. Upon which, our physician will formulate a treatment strategy to bring the body to equilibrium.


Various treatment modalities can be prescribed in combination to treat a disharmony, such as acupuncture, cupping, fire treatment, moxibustion and guasha to achieve maximize result.

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