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Bloating Pain TCM Treatment

Do you feel bloated throughout the day?

Chinese medicine understands bloating as an imbalance with our digestive system. When the stomach and intestines are not working properly, food could not digest efficiently. In this case, the stomach and intestines produce too much gas and food is not fully processed, resulting in pain and discomfort.

Acupuncture offers a root cause solution to bloating. The key is in strengthening the stomach so it can digest foods properly and efficiently. This naturally reduces gas and distension, and boosts energy at the same time. Properly digested food leads to better energy, while poorly digested food causes fatigue and lethargy.

At Xi Slim & Beauty TCM Centre, we offer custom acupuncture and herbal treatments for bloating. Each patient presents differently, and needs customized treatment for best results. When you arrive, we conduct an intake exam, ask lots of questions about your condition, feel your pulse and look at your tongue. From this information we are able to determine your Chinese medicine pattern diagnosis – the cause responsible for your bloating pain. Once we have the diagnosis, we generate an acupuncture
treatment plan.

As soon as treatment begins, your body starts making changes, strengthening, and healing. The result is stronger digestion and less bloating pain.