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Cupping Therapy Near Zero Rebound


Most of slimming therapies will have weight rebound effect after certain period of time. In TCM Aesthetic, one of the treatments

IMG_1037 we provide for slimming is cupping therapy. Now, question arises, will cupping therapy cause rebound in weight or inches? Theoretically, it definitely will just like other therapy. But, based on clinical experiences, the chances of rebound either in weight or inches are very low.

There’re a lot of therapies available for slimming purpose. Cupping therapy in fact has lower rate of weight rebound compared to the other therapies. Cupping is a therapy in which a jar is attached to the skin surface to cause local congestion through the negative pressure created by heat from a fire stick.firecuppinglarge-e1418255929354

Survey has shown that cupping therapy does yield positive results, and the most amazing thing is that even a year after the last treatment there’s an obvious differences for those who gone through cupping therapy compared to those who don’t. This shows that cupping therapy actually holds the long-term effect. The more cupping therapies you do, the efficiency of the cupping therapy will eventually increases.

Meanwhile, one of the reasons the weight rebound phenomenon that usually occurs during slimming process may be due to the short period of treatment. When the treatment time is too short, they might not have sufficient time to develop a proper dietary habit. When the treatment period is prolonged, their dietary habits will be relatively maintained and fixed, then, end the treatment course only when weighing up to standard or down to a certain extent is achieved. This is because the calorie intake and consumption is relatively balanced, basic weight will not rebound.

So, in general, if you want a lasting effect from cupping therapy, do follow the principles, “eat when you’re hungry and eat less when you’re not”. A balanced nutritional diet will gradually develop good dietary habits, which then able to maintain a good body weight.