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TCM Beauty Therapy

Holistic Beauty from the inside out !

In TCM Theory, beauty comes from within. When you start to age in a way that looks and feels unhealthy then it is possible the flow of Qi, Blood, and Essence are not balance within your body. When balance is restored, you will feel and look more radiant. Its holistic approach attacks both the facial concerns like wrinkles, skin sagging, acne, sunspots but also works the underlying systemic issues causing the facial concerns.

TCM Beauty Therapy is an effective, holistic, non-surgical treatment to reduce the signs of aging and improve health and a youthful appearance. It appeals to women who want to slow signs of aging but don’t want to undergo surgery or inject chemicals. TCM Beauty Therapy is gentle and effective because it works with the natural structures of the skin in order to provide incredible results.

You can now experience a TCM Beauty Therapy at Xi Slim & Beauty TCM Centre.

Acupuncture Nourished Treatment

* stimulate collagen turnover and blood flow to nourish the skin

* non-surgical method of reducing sign of aging process

* Increased blood flow to maintain healthy skin and muscle tone by sending nourishment, moisture, and "lifting" energy to the skin and muscles of the face.

Revitalize TCM Eye Treatment

* Diminish dark circle

* Reduce eyes bag and puffy eyes

* Reduce appearance of fine line and wrinkles

* Eyes lifting and firming

Radiant TCM Skin Therapy

* Attain a brighter and radiant skin

* Improve uneven skin tone

* Improve dull complexion

* Clearing clogged pore

* Improve elasticity of face muscle

Rejuvenate TCM Anti-Ageing Solution

* Reduce double chin

* Improve blood circulation

* Reduce water retention

* Reduce face fine line & wrinkles

* Targeted on sagging skin

* Supple & firmer skin achieved

* Improve elasticity of face muscle