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Apple Chia

(Translated by Google) I have a PCOS problem. A few months ago, PCOS affected me with severe anxiety, great mood swings, and severe insomnia. Repeated weight gains and bursts of food.

I realized that this is not the way to go, so I decided to go to Xi Slim & Beauty TCM Centre to inquire.

Dr. Huang diagnosed my spleen and stomach deficiency. After three months of conditioning, my problem has been greatly improved. In addition, it has helped me lose 10kg, my waist circumference has lost 6CM, and my body fat has also dropped by 1.6% oh I also fell asleep very well. During these three months, I insisted on cooperating with Dr. Huang’s suggestion and went to see her for follow-up visits and acupuncture and cupping therapy every week.

I am grateful to Dr. Huang for taking care of me and giving me many opinions, such as…healthy diet and exercise knowledge! I really appreciate Dr. Huang!

Three months is just a good start. I will continue to go to the doctor for treatment and take the powder that Dr. Huang arranged for me.

It is not terrible to have a physical problem, as long as you are willing to face it and find the right doctor, you can definitely get better!

Let’s make it together!