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Jess Ying – Slimming Journey with Xi Slim

Finally 15 days of celebration (food, food and food has come to an end. Like For the past few years, I always gain weight after a celebration comes to an end. And this is the first time in my life that I actually lose weight during Chinese New Year.

And some friends I have not met for the for some time saw me during CNY asked me if I was on some diet plan or something because I have lose weight!

If you been following me in Facebook or Instagram, I have shared a while ago that I’m actually now enrolled for a 7 sessions with the The Chinese Medicine (TCM) Slimming Therapy in Xi Women’s Health TCM Centre which is located in SS2. It’s established since 2013 by a group of physicians who were trained and qualified in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from renowned Chinese Medicine Universities in China.

Under the umbrella of Zhao Xi TCM centre, Xi TCM Centre owns multiple brands which focus on various health issues, including fertility problems, menses problems, menopause, anti-aging, wellness and all female conditions. Their approach to treatment includes the use of natural herbs, acupuncture, moxibustion, and other therapies to enhance health naturally. They are known as both male and female fertility enhancement and treatment and there are many success story under their belt. XI Women’s Health Clinic was established in August 2015 to focus on various female health issues, including menopause, anti-aging and menses problems ad TCM Slimming & Beauty therapy, which is uniquely established by certified TCM practitioners.

To be honest I have thought of losing some weight off and even went to a few slimming centres and beauty clinics last few year to try. One thing that these place always told me is to follow crazy diet if I want to lose weight. End up I felt too hungry and tired… hence I ate more to replenish loss of energy and gain more weight.. . And in fact do you know this kind of crazy slimming diet has adverse effect on our health?

So since mid-last year, I try to practice healthy living. I went swimming and cut down on meat and rice. Although it feel nice to sweat out I don’t think I have really loss weight. So I wonder why…

So when I was offer to lose weight and do body reshaping with Xi Slim & Beauty TCM Centre the first thing I asked if I would need to go through crazy diet. They told me no because they adopts TCM methods in slimming& beauty therapy. Using integrated & personalised slimming care plans, this method emphasize on the balancing and regulation of our body to achieve slimming and beauty effect, rather than deliberate dieting which can potentially have adverse effect on one’s health.

TCM believe that weight gain and obesity are caused when the liver and spleen do not function optimally. The spleen controls the movements of the digestive system, directs the digestion of food and conversion of food and fluids into energy or “qi.”The spleen then directs this energy to all the parts of the body.

When the spleen malfunctions, the qi stagnates and a condition called dampness or fat is created leading to weight gain. People also experiences feeling of heaviness, water retention, slowed metabolism and fatigue. So after reading this I thought of giving this a try because this treatment is 100% without side effects!

I met up with Ms Biba Fang Ms. Biba Fang who is a certified TCM practitioner. She graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine (TCM) from the renowned Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She went to further her study in Beijing International Medicine Research major in TCM Aesthetics – a new breakthrough concept adopted TCM methods for slimming and beauty therapy.

Ms Biba told me that although this is a slimming therapy program take about 10 sessions with each session, they emphasize not only on the body reshaping therapy but overall body regulation. From this therapy, I will be able to discover significant effect such as Improve metabolism, Soothe Body ache, and Stress release without any side effect!

Below are the steps of treatments I went through for Xi Slim TCM Slimming Therapy in one session with certified TCM physician.

Step 1: Pulse reading

Ms Biba said the first step of this Xi Slim TCM Slimming Therapy is to check my pulse to diagnose my condition before she can start the treatment. She also check my tongue and asked a series of questions so that it can clarify contradictory diagnostic information and symptomology of my body.

At one point, Ms Biba asked me if I’m always thirsty even though I drank a lot of water until bloated and if I always have indigestion. Interestingly it’s the truth and she told me that the Qi in my body is imbalance and needed to be fixed before my slimming therapy can work. No wonder when I went swimming and gym, I didn’t really lose weight… I guess this need to be fixed first.

According to Ms Biba, she will personalised the TCM Slimming Therapy sessions based on one’s personal health condition. Hence the treatment designed is based on the root causes for obesity, therefore will be able to reduce the risk of re-bounce of weight after treatment.

Step 2 : Acupuncture Slimming

Looks scary and painful? Each people body’s reacts differently, while some may feel soreness or slight pain. Others may feel nothing. I felt slight pain at the beginning of the first few treatment and after that I didn’t really feel it anymore. Also it’s quite normal to feel tingling or electrical sensations as that is the indication that the point has been accurately located.

Acupuncture treatment is designed to fit the needs of the individual. Points on the body will be chosen for overall well-being with the objective of increasing circulation of the blood and Qi (vital energy), soothing the nervous system and increasing metabolism.

The effects of acupuncture slimming are visible with effective outcomes.

  • Promote health digestion.
  • Stimulate metabolism and maximize the absorption of nutrients in our body
  • Calming & Relax
  • Decreasing cravings, soothing emotions and controlling appetite.
  • Tone and shrink the stomach muscle

I really felt that I sleep better at night and digestion improved so much better after I went through this. And Acupuncture for weight loss is most effective with a minimum of 7 – 10 treatments over a few weeks time.

Step 3: Cupping Therapy

Xi Slim TCM Slimming Therapy uses traditional cupping method instead of using modern machine for better result. Cupping therapy can promote the movement of Qi in the body by creating suction on specific acupoints where the Qi stagnated. It aims to promote blood circulation, removes toxins from the body, open pores and ensure smooth flow of Qi. Proper stimulation of cupping therapy may result in releasing of stress and anxiety, eliminate water retention, removes toxins from the body, stimulate digestive system, control food craves, promote metabolism and bowel movements. All these functions may lead to weight loss.

Step 4: Fire Therapy

This is something really interesting cos I never had any treatment like this before. I was a bit worried when they first did this Fire Therapy on me … in actual fact it’s quite comfortable cos I can feel the warm sensation as they burn on the surface!

Fire therapy is a kind of new therapeutic method through burning on the surface of the body so as to achieve the effects of slimming, shape up and eliminate water retention. Fire therapy may combine with other slimming therapeutic methods of TCM such as combination of medicinal application with fire therapy to promote Blood circulation, increase metabolism, fats elimination and decomposition. Besides, fire therapy may also alter and regulates incorrect or improper food intake and living styles so as to resolves both root and symptoms cause. Hence, basically fire therapy also known as one of the therapy that produce least adverse effects among all other therapeutic methods.

Step 5: TCM Massage

The last step for this Xi Slim TCM Slimming Therapy is TCM Massage which helps to promote qi (vital energy) and blood flow, helps to remove obstructions in the meridians and relieves stagnation. Different forms of pressure are applied depending on whether the aim is to toxify, reducing pain, or to achieve a relative neutral, calming effect. TCM Massage helps to restore localized blood circulation and increases the metabolic rate and lipid break down in the targeted area.

This Slimming massage helps to reduce inches and tone up flabby areas such as the stomach, thighs and arms. One session of Xi Slim TCM Slimming Therapy took about 1.5 hour and I was adviced by Ms Biba not to take a shower for at least two hours after treatment. And avoid going for sports activities such as swimming as well.

Instead of crazy diet plan I was recommended to have a healthy plan includes healthy, balanced and nutritious food which if they follow, they can maintain weight loss on a long term basis.

Ms Biba also prescribe me with approved Chinese herbs that assist in elevating metabolism levels and eliminating water retention and food cravings. I was given options whether to consume in powder or tablets which I picked the later one… so I can just swallow to avoid the bitterness.

After the TCM weight management program, my body functions are also regulated and returned to their balances, healthy state. Always remember healthier weight does not only means being in shape, it also means a healthier me.

I successfully dropped by one dress size!!! And now I can even fit in H&M L size! Woohooo super amazing feeling I have there!!!

So why is it better to use Chinese Medical slimming methods? 

  • Emphasizes on the overall regulation of our body, rather than deliberate dieting.
  • Scar free, no toxic nor side effects.
  • Do not require to exercise aggressively while being in very poor health and hungry
  • No fatigue, anorexia, diarrhoea, rebound, loose skin in the process of TCM slimming but only effectiveness.
  • Customers can get individualized treatments for slimming based on their different characteristics, which are more targeted and effective.
  • If the functions of their spleen and stomach are regulated well, obese people will naturally desire less of excessive sweets or fried food and the feeling of hunger will decrease significantly.

Xi Slim TCM Slimming Therapy normal price is RM388/session. And currently they have introductory package at RM 968 for 7 sessions which made up of RM 138 / session which is pretty good deal! Treatment available for female & male patron as well! 

A minimum 7 session purchase require for the introductory package and for slimming result we need to sign up a least 7 sessions for you to see the best results.

Since a lot of my friends been asking me for special price to try out this treatment, I have managed to secure a special promo deal for my friends and readers of Jessying!

Just mentioned my name “Jessying” name when you visit them. You are entitled get a deal to try out 3 sessions of Xi Slim TCM Slimming Therapy at only RM 388 ( Each session about RM 129). Offer valid till 31 March 2016.

I  think this  is really a good deal for you to try as you will be able to get professional certified Chinese Medical practitioner to diagnose your health first to find out the condition of your body and what caused you not able to lose off the weight you wanted / having soreness in your body / not able to sleep well.

I honestly think this Xi Slim TCM Slimming Therapy is really a healthy, safe, easy and fast way to lose weight as the treatments are designed based on the roots of obesity.

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