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Mr.F – Head pain case

Mr F, 34 years old
Mr F encountered a pain in the back of his head for 4 years. He had 1-2 episodes per week. Each episode lasted for 3-4 days. He felt a pulling sensation and used painkillers to relieve the pain. Besides that, he will vomit when the condition was severe. Headache and dizziness would happen to him when he goes through emotional changes, tiredness or stress. Mr F realize that he gets agitated easily and sighs often. His appetite was poor, and felt thirsty easily. He also complained of poor sleep quality and his bowel tends to be loose. He had a red tongue with thin and dry coating. His pulse was taut and thready.
His TCM diagnosis is liver yang hyperactive with liver wind disturbing upwards.
After 5 times of acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatment, the headache reduced significantly; the emotions were easier to control; and the quality of sleep was also improved.