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Mr.Lim – Slimming Journey with XI SLIM

Mr. Lim, 32 years old, Businessman. Weight: 133kg
Mr. Lim, who was overweight, felt lassitude and lethargy recently. He also has fear of cold and loose stool with passing motion 1-2 times a day. He did not have diabetes, high blood pressure or heart diseases. His blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature were relatively low. His tongue was red with a slightly greasy coating and his pulse was deep and slippery. He was diagnosed as obese, along with a Chinese medical diagnosis of Spleen and Kidney Yang deficiency.
The treatment plan offered was acupuncture and cupping with points to supplement Yang, invigorate the Spleen and slimming. 1 course of treatment consisted of 12 sessions. A recommended eating habit was also advised by physician. After one course of the treatment, his symptoms were relieved and his weight had reduced by 8kg.