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Mrs Ng – Slimming journey with XI SLIM

Mrs Ng, 46 years old, housewife.
Weight : 68kg

Mrs Wong, experienced hot flush 1 year ago and the symptom seems to be getting worse in the recent 3 months. She realised that her weight started to increase gradually. She experienced numbness in her arms and legs, bloated throughout the whole body, sensitive to heat, sweats easily and dehydrated all the time. Her sleep quality is low as she wakes up easily at night and tends to have night sweats. Her appetite is good; however, her stomach gets bloated after a meal. Her tongue is red with thin and dry coating and pulse is rapid and thready. She has no history of diabetes and high blood pressure but she has been having scanty period for 1 year.
PMP : March
LMP : 5.8.2018, 7/28-30, low volume, dark red colour, little blood clots
She is diagnosed with perimenopausal syndrome, along with a Chinese medical diagnosis of kidney yin and spleen deficiency. The treatment plans offered were acupuncture and cupping with points to tonify kidney Yin, invigorate the spleen and also to help slim down. 1 course of treatment consists of 12 sessions. After 1 course of the treatment, her symptoms of hot flush and night sweating were gone and bloating reduced. Weight is reduced by 3kg.