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Ms. Chang – Acupuncture for Acne (Treatment with XI BEAUTY)

Ms. Chang is a 29-year-old woman who has been suffering with severe acne for 6 years. The acne worsened 1 week before her period and improved once her menses began. However, the acne never completely healed. In addition, Ms. Chang had tried several topical prescriptive medications with no significant result. Upon review of her skin, it was evident that she was suffering from mild to moderate acne vulgaris with some inflammation. The acne vulgaris was mainly localized on her cheeks. There was also evidence of scarring from previous acne lesions. After 2 weeks of TCM medicine and acupuncture treatment, Ms. Chang experienced a significant decrease in acne breakouts. Her skin was 90% clearer, with some minor acne scarring left on the cheeks. Ms. Chang was satisfied with the results and will continue with the treatment plan. It is important to combine Chinese herbs, acupuncture and dietary changes to get lasting results.