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Ms. Lee – Weight loss journey

Miss Lee, 36 years old
Occupation: Accountant
Weight: Before- 70kg, After – 66kg

Miss Lee experienced gradual weight gain for one year. She takes three meals a day and exercises occasionally but her weight kept rising. Her body size has increased within this year as well. She complained of stomach bloating after meal and frequent body fatigue. She seeks for treatment in Xi Slim and Beauty TCM Centre this February. There was no diet or exercise added during the treatment progress. Only acupuncture and cupping for an hour per session. After few months, her stomach bloating and frequent fatigue reduced. Her body weight dropped and whole-body circumference decreased. Her body figure became smaller as well.

Half a year later, Miss Lee visited us and mentioned that her lifestyle remains the same as before but she found that her body weight did not increase. The whole-body circumference remained about the same range as before which indicates there was no weight rebound on her.

The body weight of Miss Lee is maintained by regulating and balancing the body’s internal environment. As a result, she achieved weight loss and less rebound effect.
Remarks: Result is more ideal if exercise is regular and eating habit is corrected.